Opal One Coffee Pod Machine – White


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The Opal One
Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pod Machine utilises a unique silicon brew chamber, eliminating unwanted dilution and features both higher pressure and higher temperature brewing — delivering a fuller-bodied, stronger coffee than ever before.

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Opal One Nespresso® Compatible Pod Machine

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Colonna Coffee Capsules

The OPAL One is the first coffee pod machine specifically designed to brew speciality coffee pods.

The OPAL One coffee pods machine brews better coffee than any other coffee capsule machine on the market and showcases the full-potential of the coffees we carefully select. It’s quite simply, the perfect way to experience speciality coffee pods.

All other capsules machines in the market are licensed by Nespresso, and they are designed just to work with Nespresso capsules. The OPAL One was designed specifically with specialty coffee capsules in mind. It brews better coffee by utilising a unique silicon brew chamber, eliminating unwanted dilution and features both higher pressure and higher temperature brewing – delivering a fuller-bodied, stronger coffee than ever before.

Coffee roasters all over the world are starting to put specialty coffee into capsules making it even easier to have delicious espresso style coffee at home. But you still need a good machine to get the best out of these capsules. This is where the Opal One comes in. There is serious expertise behind this machine. It was developed in conjunction with Maxwell Colonna Dashwood who is a three time UK Barista Champion, founder of Colonna Coffee and a pioneer of specialty coffee capsules in the UK.

It was designed with a real scientific approach to espresso extraction in mind and there are some key features that really highlight this.

The OPAL has an Adjustable Brewing Temperature with the hottest setting being ideal for brewing espresso. A lot of other capsule machines have brewing temperatures that don’t even come close to what you need to make a good espresso.

It has a unique silicone brewing chamber which forms a snug fit around the capsule ensuring any water is pumped fully through the ground coffee. Other machines have a brewing chamber that is made of a rigid plastic which means water often leaks around the sides of the capsule leaving you with a watery, under extracted espresso.

It has a 100% compatibility rate with any nespresso style capsules so you don’t have to worry about your pods failing — a common issue when brewing pods from different coffee roasters on a Nespresso machine.
It has an intelligent flow rate making your espresso extraction even better.

All of these amazing features, plus it’s really easy to use make the OPAL One a fantastic capsule machine to have at home.

Dimensions: L 36cm x W 12cm x H 26cm
Weight: 3.3kg
Power: 220-240V – 50Hz/60Hz – 1260W

Africa and Americas Nespresso® compatible fully-compostable capsules, collected in one easy bundle.

Experience the Colonna compostable genres in one collection. Each box of 40 capsules contains:


Rubrizi, Burundi, 10 (Compostable Africa Espresso)

A classic Burundi washed bourbon – sweet acidity and winey depth with a light spicy note to the cup.


Kalungu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 50 (Compostable Africa Lungo)

A wonderful example of a clean, high-quality bourbon lot from the origin.


El Bosque, Guatemala, 10 (Compostable Americas Espresso)

A classic Guatemalan lot of Bourbon, Catuai and Pache cultivars.


El Porvenir, Colombia, 10 (Compostable Americas Lungo)

The perfect coffee to introduce our Americas Lungo, a sweet and zingy Caturra, Colombia lot.


Colonna capsules are compatible with traditional Nespresso® capsule machines.

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