Aeropress Metal Filter Fine Mesh One Piece 0.2MM Reusable

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Product Description

Aeropress One Piece Metal Filter - Fine Mesh 0.2MM

Replace your Aeropress Paper Filters with this Steel Mesh Filter

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This fine steel mesh filter is designed to work with the Aeropress Coffee Maker and replaces the standard paper filter.

This means that you can simply wash the filter after use and re-use.

Many say that the resulting coffee tastes brighter and sweeter than when using paper filters.

Change up the flavour of your favourite AeroPress brew by replacing the standard paper filters with a reusable stainless steel option. Lock this filter with fine holes into an Aeropress for a mellow, full bodied cup of coffee. Perfect for use with inverted (upside down) AeroPress brewing


Product features

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Lifespan: Reusable
  • Type: 0.2mm fine holes
  • Dimensions: Dia: 62mm x Thickness: 0.2mm

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